Normandy Essay

On June 6th, 1944 the Allies invaded the German occupied land in Normandy, France during World War II. This day would mark one of the first victories of the Allies throughout Europe and the war itself. Decades later, the anniversary of what is modernly known as ‘D-Day’ is still celebrated and rejoiced over. World War II was an awful occurrence with high fatality numbers and crimes of war. This is precisely why remembrance and celebration of such victories is so very important.

As a member of today’s youth, I can say with complete and utter confidence that children my age fail to understand the importance and motives behind learning about such events. I believe that the idea of war in a generation who has never truly seen the effects causes the idea to be abstract and separated from reality; which in many ways it is. The maturity of middle school minds is at a low point, seeing as experience comes with age. Why should children care about the events and the memories of what has happened in the past? They understand and sympathize with the events, although it is almost incomprehensible to analyze the events and happenings at our age.

The North Buncombe High Black Hawks Band plans on taking a trip to Normandy in 2019, for the purpose of performing and remembering our fallen soldiers. We have been selected as a participant in a parade that many from all over the world travel to see. However, the sole meaning of the trip is not to see the Eiffel Tower– or to fawn over foreign land and museums. The main priority is educating the youth of our band, to nurture their understanding and appreciation of our soldiers and their sacrifices.


As a student, travelling across the world and overseas is a dream come true. However, seeing the sites that the war was fought on is undeniably different from touring around in luxury shops and vacationing. I believe that facing the past is important in order to build a future, a future that depends on the children of today. This trip will not only ensure the understanding of past events, it will inspire the children of today to truly appreciate the sacrifices of The Greatest Generation. The excitement of France is surely inevitable– but the solemn truth of war will prove effective in awakening the kindred spirit and gratitude in young minds.

Because in this world of technological advancements and mobile devices, generations of kids seem to be focused only on the present. The education on the war and the sacrifices that followed are the main priority, always.

Sincerely, Sarah
An eighth grade band student eager to understand the past.